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Help your team overcome worry, share bold ideas, and sustain relationships

Marguerite O'Neal
Marguerite O'Neal

Marguerite O’Neal is a results-based leadership coach who incorporates the science of high performance and mindfulness techniques to help high achievers to soar even during uncertainty.  Using neuroscience techniques she helps teams to disrupt habits that sabotage their success. This is especially important while your teams are working remotely.

“Leaders that manage with resolve and compassion to adjust their strategy, will succeed in this ‘new normal.'”
– Marguerite O’Neal

Marguerite uncovered a process for helping high achievers like herself re-invent themselves in four key aspects: wellness, relationships, career and money. She is on a mission to end the “worry habit” that holds back millions of high achievers worldwide.


Upcoming Leadership Masterclasses:


Upgrading Your Money Mindset: How Your Financial Setpoint Influences Your Bank Account and Decision Making

The Confidence Myth: Why Leading Today Needs More Than Confidence… And What We Need Instead

Who Do You Think You Are?: How High Performing Leaders Cultivate The Fearlessness To Wage War Against COVID-19


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“I brought Marguerite in to facilitate a thought leadership panel around The Future of Work. How fitting a topic in light of today’s circumstances. She was prepared, professional, thoughtful, made everyone comfortable and elevated the quality of the dialogue among the panellists.”


Recent Appearances:

Marguerite O'Neal

At the Society of Cosmetics Chemists Ontario (SCC) Creating Order From Chaos event, Marguerite encouraged and advised attendees on how to achieve control of their careers.   Many attendees commented on how inspired they now felt to use strategies that would help them to feel more secure in their careers and lives.


On February 26, 2020, Marguerite hosted her Money Mindset Masterclass at the Community Innovation Lab’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Finance UnConference. At her Money Mindset workshop, Marguerite taught attendees to breakthrough their financial set point by understanding their story about money and success. She helped attendees to understand how their conversations, feelings and social interactions related to money hold them back and can soon propel them forward.

Marguerite taught attendees:

  • How to quickly identify the feeling of financial stress and how to address it
  • How the different ‘brains’ contribute to your feeling of being overwhelmed
  • What the effects of financial stress are on your overall health and your financial fitness



Revolution of Work, Ryerson University in Ontario, Moderator


Attendee feedback:

– “This for me has been an interesting conversation…An agile workforce requires a massive culture change. …Leadership is dead. … It has been democratized…. Leadership has changed to empowering you to bring your best to work.” (Fortune 100 Business Leader)

– “You’ve disrupted my thinking. Technology facility and people skills are equally important.” (HR Practitioner)


A recent student of Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen, the world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation, Marguerite integrates disruptive innovation strategy with advanced neuroscience, behavioral economics and neuroeconomics theory. Marguerite is a CTI® certified coach, with Results Coaching System™ Certification from the NeuroLeadership Institute™, and Licensed, Specialty-Certification as a New Life Story® Wellness Coach. She holds an MA (Leadership) from the University of Guelph and is a graduate of Change Leadership and Executive HR Leadership programs at Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Marguerite has extensive experience in and a deep understanding of the corporate environment. A former pharmaceutical company executive and business consultant, through her company Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc, Marguerite applies Creative Disruption in her work to support leaders at every level in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and financial services to manufacturing, IT, and entertainment.


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