HR Strategy


A quick, critical injection of
Human Resource Strategy + Change Management Expertise


If you could press [pause],
you would spend the extra time
future-proofing your people.

No matter what business you’re in, your people are a vital asset, and an asset that is constantly at-risk. Like you, your entire team is regularly confronted with unanticipated and unavoidable change. Human reaction to change is varied. Sometimes people dig in, avoiding change with entrenched inertia. Sometimes people spin out, innovating and iterating without a plan, focus, or results. Either way, reacting to rapid change without a pro-active plan makes the whole company feel threatened, anxious and overwhelmed.

If you had the time, you would:
  • Step away from operations long enough to examine your company’s response to change
  • Mine the most current research, science and thought leadership around creativity, disruption, innovation, high performance and engagement
  • Design an HR strategy that directly addresses burnout, stress, inclusion and potential
  • Future-proof your talent pipeline and in turn future-proof your business
In the midst of a challenging time, how do you find time to do that?

Add mission-critical expertise.

Our hyper-focused, time-defined, HR Strategy support gives your business the quick, critical injection of expertise and action that improves and expedites the HR planning process.

We’ll provide research, strategic facilitation and our Creative Disruption methodology to help you address possibility, assess urgent needs, create well-founded strategy, engineer buy-in, and design the roll-out. We can deliver these results typically within three to six months.

  • Needs assessments and strategy development that aligns with current and future objectives
  • Strategic consulting and executive coaching during mergers, expansion and periods of growth
  • Creative Disruption that fosters high performance and high engagement
  • Retention and recruitment strategy
  • Change management strategy, planning, communications and coaching
  • Designing a diverse and inclusive corporate culture

We can’t stop time, but we can provide support that stops change-initiated conflict, resistance, distrust, absenteeism and attrition dead in its tracks.

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Help your people thrive through change and over time.


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