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Leading an organization today is not for the weak of heart. Disruption is inevitable, and it’s scary. According to a Dell Computers survey of 4,000 executives across 12 countries, 52% of executives experienced significant disruption in their industries over the last three years, and almost 50% of executives said they don’t know what their industry will look like in the next three years. The confidence and well-being of many leaders has been shattered as they fall prey to disruptive forces around them.

If you had someone you trusted implicitly, you could ask them, with no apprehension:

  • What do I need to lead during times of rapid growth/reduction/disruption?
  • Am I in the right role? Should I be more, or do more?
  • How do I bring my Board on board?
  • What do I do with all my ideas?
  • Where will I find my successor?

My mission is to help you prepare for and take your rightful place as CEO

As your Executive Mentor Coach, I will help you identify the CEO role that is the best fit for you. We’ll work with a deep understanding of leadership, executive coaching and neuroscience to guide changes of mind, brain, and behavior necessary to succeed as the CEO. Working together, we will create momentum in your career strategy as you look at your organization through the strategy lens of Creative Disruption, and determine what adjustments are necessary to implement a winning business strategy. We will also look at the mindset and productivity of your team, skills, decision making approaches, and profit formulas to uncover what might be blocking your team’s innovation capabilities. We will then develop a plan to implement changes using leading neuroscience approaches – changes that will help create engagement for your strategic plan.


  • Creative Disruption methodology to break beyond status quo thinking
  • Tools to strengthen a growth mindset
  • Help to establish your CEO brand
  • Support for bias-free decision making
  • Guidelines to address inter-generational conflict
  • Applicable and actionable learning on leadership development, disruptive innovation, buy-in and engagement

With me as your Executive Mentor Coach, you will have a business partner who can help you navigate the most difficult of life’s challenges.


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“CEOs who thrive will be those who
accurately predict future trends
and adjust in time.”

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