September 1

Leadership Workshop

Oshawa is Booming With Creative Disruption

These are exciting times in Oshawa; we’re growing and evolving! We’re doing things differently; and other cities are looking our way to glean the secret of our success. One of the answers is that our leaders are looking to the future and finding ways to improve Oshawa to ensure that good jobs, great healthcare, arts, culture and more are available to all of us who live here. Together we have a lot of work to do.

In a time of unprecedented technological change and competitive pressure, many business leaders in Oshawa and beyond are losing sleep trying to figure out how to future-proof their organizations. In my view, the leaders who thrive will be those who can accurately predict the trends, and adjust in time.

Disruption is inevitable, and it’s scary.

According to a Dell Computers survey of 4,000 executives in 12 countries:

· 52% of executives experienced significant disruption in their industries over the last three years.

· 35% of Canadian companies have experienced digital disruption over the last 3 years; and

· Just under 50% of executives said they don’t know what their industry will look like in the next three years.

… it’s also the source of your business’ success

Marguerite O’Neal Consulting Inc. helps business leaders smash status quo thinking, identify trends, and implement strategic, innovative, creative disruption to future-proof their organization. In addition to strategic consulting services, we offer in-house and on-line education that helps leaders and their teams to challenge and overcome conventional, status quo thinking. This openness to new ideas and growth will stimulate new innovations and create value.

It’s not just for the C-Suite! Everyone in Oshawa can get practical insights by subscribing to the Creative Disruption with Marguerite O’Neal podcast on iTunes starting September 12th. You’ll learn how leaders across North America have disrupted status quo thinking and brought new ideas and innovations to market. …

Editorial by Marguerite O’Neal (snapd Oshawa September 2017)


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