September 14

Leadership Workshop

Mindset Matters

Leverage your brain’s full capacity with mindset strategies.  Shatter deeply engrained beliefs holding you back from future-proofing your business and legacy.

Our brain has a basic set up combined of a fixed and growth mindset. The fixed mindset represents a barrier to our actions; a growth mindset is a bridge to move forward and progress. What are the main characteristics of each of them and what are the tools to lead my team from a fixed to a growth mindset. The objective is to introduce those tips that will help us to recognize which mindset we are functioning in at every moment.


  • Understand the importance of the right mindset to achieve our goals.
  • Learn how to recognize the drivers for a fixed or a growth mindset.
  • Learn the ways to induce a growth mindset in ourselves and in our team

In this workshop we will focus on:

  • How the process of learning and improving our skills is managed in the brain.
  • The real meaning of our intelligence and how to improve it.
  • Learned helplessness: how to avoid it.
  • Nature vs nurture: how the environment influences our behaviour.
  • The power of our own and social beliefs over our chances of achieving our goals.
  • The goal of a post-traumatic growth state.
  • Fixed vs growth mindset: it’s our choice. The ABC model (A.Ellis).
  • How to improve our self-confidence.
  • The four stages toward a resilience state of mind.


The course will be delivered in a dynamic and participative way – using real-life examples and concrete participants’ situations.

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