February 8

Leadership Workshop

Disruptive Leader Executive Workshop

Facilitated by Marguerite O’Neal

February 2018


A two-day creative disruption immersion for brilliant leaders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs…

If you’re feeling like you just woke up and the world around you changed, or if you’re hitting up against the same challenges again and again, it’s probably because the usual ways of leading your business are no longer working.  The sad truth is that even if your business is still making a profit, this is NOT the time to hold on to your “status quo” in any industry.     

There is a creative tension stirring within you that FORCES you to bring forth CREATIVITY to re-birth the leader you were meant to be.

A forgotten side of you is CALLING YOU INTO ACTION.  A creative side that has been twisted and turned until you forget who you are.  Trying to grow your business with this normal status-quo mindset will force you to failure. You can make moderate progress with the same thought processes, but you won’t create true breakthroughs. This is your time to re-learn how to be creative.

The Disruptive Leader workshop will help you do just that.





Here are 3 reasons why this executive workshop is stirring your imagination and your soul  …

Holding on to “status quo” means “just meets” results — for you. If you’re reading this, I have a strong feeling you didn’t take on your significant leadership responsibilities to create “just meets” business results. And even if you did when you first started in your role, no doubt you’re now feeling creatively starved.   You could use a lot more options to de-risk your business than you thought you did… to keep key talent, run a profitable business, and to benefit personally from exemplary business results.

Holding on to “status quo” is confusing — for your employees and your clients. This isn’t just about you. “Status Quo” may be good enough for your employees and clients right now.   But you may be developing “yes men or women” around you.  Face the facts that in the long term, you’re at risk losing them to other, more innovative companies, creators, and idea generators who can offer different types of competing products and services – or employment – that deliver better results.

Aiming for “status quo” means you will eventually get disrupted. Technological advances, consumer demands, and increasing expectations are all combining to accelerate progress faster than ever before. Entire industries are being thrown into disarray within brief windows of time by one single new idea being introduced. If you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, you’re going to wake up one morning to a rude new reality… It may be sooner than you expect.

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