November 9

Leadership Workshop

Banish Bias Derailers


Understand at a deep level your unconscious biases that are helpful rather than harmful. Re-write patterns of conditioning to reduce negative effects of unconscious bias.


  • To understand the influence that unconscious biases have on behavior and our daily lives.
  • To understand the negative consequences unconscious biases can have and to learn how to rewrite the patterns of conditioning.
  • To understand which unconscious biases are useful and when they are ineffective.

In this workshop/lecture we will focus on:

  • Recognizing that unconscious biases are present in all of us.
  • The two basic systems that link biases to decision making.
  • Biases and their location in the brain.
  • How unconscious first impressions are formed, and how they influence all subsequent ideas.
  • How biases are beneficial and when to apply them effectively.
  • How the brain responds when we feel we are right and when we feel we are wrong.
  • The negative consequences of unconscious biases in the different settings in our lives.
  • Understanding the role of context when defining a bias.
  • How to close the gap between intentions, behaviors and actions.
  • Tips to control and manage unconscious biases.


The course will be delivered in a dynamic and participative way – using real-life examples and concrete participant situations.


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