Change your company's results by changing the game.

Traditional Business

Global power is shifting, the population is aging, and new technologies change the way people interact with each other. Your business is intricately strapped by these and other complex challenges making it difficult to plan ahead. Your treasured brand and reputation are slipping as customer needs change. Your hand-picked team is scrambling to please your customers. Your worst fear is that you are becoming irrelevant in your market.  It’s time to change your mind about how you lead.

Traditional Business is Broken

Disruptive Innovation

First, disrupt your current thinking and open yourself to new ideas. Your research and planning methods may not capture the value of new markets as they are not producing required sales volume. You may be dismissing or overlooking investment opportunities that don’t fit with your profit model.  Organizational capabilities and incentive plans that worked in the past may cripple you today.  You may be floundering in a mess of complexity that causes organizational stress, confusion and possible misalignment with your strategic plan.  It’s time to future- proof your business.

Creative Disruption

What it is

Creative Disruption is a technique to future-proof your business and legacy developed by Marguerite O’Neal.  You reset how you lead with neuroscience intelligence. You reinvent your business for disruptive innovation.  Future-proofing your business and legacy is liberating.  The difference you make in our world is inspiring.

"Leaders that accurately predict the future and adjust their strategy, will leave a positive legacy to serve generations to come"

Marguerite O'Neal


  • Fearful
  • Floundering
  • Fascinated
  • You are fearful. You have sleepless nights, or you have a sickening feeling in your stomach…

    You want to future-proof your business and your legacy. You see the signs that your industry is being disrupted, and you are unsure of the next steps to take.

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  • You are floundering. You know it, and your people know it. Your organization is misaligned…

    You want to future-proof your business and your legacy. You see the signs that there is conflict in the organization, projects are getting bogged down, expenses are rising. Your business is not competing as well as it did in the past. You may have invested heavily in innovation and systems. You are at risk of losing valued talent.

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  • You are fascinated. Your disruptive idea could create new markets. Others may persuade you to focus on the tried and true…

    You want to future-proof your business and your legacy. Whether you are leading a startup or leading an established business, you need buy in to your ideas: investors, perhaps even your leadership team or Board of Directors. As you look around you, you see opportunity and risk in your industry.

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